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About Our Service

ActivityTracker is a unique approach to enforcement of parking and towing policies for associations, property managers, parking committees or on-site security patrols.  This internet-based service tracks guests, citations, parking and towing issues.  By using Mobile PC screens, ActivityTracker can instantly report a vehicle's tow-eligibility right on-the-spot.

One of the obstacles to effective parking enforcement is the requirement to track guest parking privileges and citations issued to improperly parked vehicles. ActivityTracker significantly reduces this labor and record-keeping overhead while providing the convenience of 24/7 access.

Conventional Approaches

The task of enforcing parking rules and regulations on private property often falls on the shoulders of the Owners Association. Local law enforcement agencies may enforce city or state vehicle codes but fall short of enforcing the Association's parking and towing policies. Associations often utilize volunteer committees to accomplish their enforcement goals. Private security patrols are also utilized for parking enforcement. The responsibility for keeping track of permits and violations falls somewhere between the enforcement committee, security company or property manager.

The overhead of maintaining records can be overwhelming and often leads to a high incidence of wrongful tows. Reimbursement of wrongful tows is a direct out-of-pocket expense for the Association -- not to mention the ill will that is created between the vehicle owner and the Association.

Track License Plates -- Not Owners

One unique aspect of the ActivityTracker enforcement model is the focus on tracking anonymous license plates. There is no requirement to maintain lists of residents or the vehicles that they own. This greatly simplifies the administration of the database. As vehicles are found to be in violation of parking rules, their license plates are recorded in the ActivityTracker system. By tracking the frequency of citations and their timestamps, ActivityTracker can swiftly and objectively assess a vehicle's eligibility to be towed.

How to Subscribe

To get a feel for how ActivityTracker works, we have created a sandbox community in which you can test drive the software and play with its features. Remember -- the sandbox is not secure so please do not register any private or personal information. At the bottom of the My Community login screen, there is a link to a tutorial that guides you through some simple steps. Click here to start now!

If you find that ActivityTracker can address the needs of your community or you would simply like to find out more about the service, please contact our office and speak with a technical support representative. We will work together with board members, your enforcement committee or property manager to adapt our site policies for your specific rules and regulations. Click here for contact information.

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